Zestful Rose Soap Gift

Zestful Rose Soap Gift

9,50 €Prix
And here we have the favorite Zestful Rose handmade soap. It comes as a perfect gift in this cute round metal tin.

This lovely soap fits perfectly in this round metal tin. 
Of course it’s hand made and only the best quality oils have been used.
So, if you are looking for a gift, you have found it here.


Coconut oil
Olive oil
Cotton seed oil
Avocado oil
Castor oil
Himalayan pink rock salt

Ginger essential oil
Geranium Bourbon essential oil

The soap weighs approx. 75g 
The tins weigh approx. 35g

Please be aware that the tin comes in an assortment of colors and one gets picked at random!!

All our soaps are made in small batches and are hand cut. So, each bar is unique and made specially for you.
With this mind the color does vary a little from batch to batch